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Rik D. Middleton – Presenting at the Born Leaders Toastmasters Club in Santa Monica, CA

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Rik D. Middleton delivers an insightful dynamic look at human communication with humor and creativity.  As the developer of, and noted authority on The Art of Visual Listening, Rik is recognized for his expertise on human communication styles, the impact of non-verbal communication on the spoken word, and on the most practical methods for understanding these complexities and their impact on stressful remote communications.

In 2008, after years of research, Rik refined his techniques and expertise into a thought-provoking and highly interactive presentation based on his widely acclaimed book; Don’t Look at Me In That Tone of VOICE!”  The presentation and book have been developed to allow the attendees to gain better insight into the complexities of remote human communication during the most difficult circumstances and the most difficult method, via telephone.

This material was originally developed for the distinctive needs of law enforcement, specifically hostage/Crisis Negotiators.  Now, it has found its way into many businesses and organizations. You’re here because firms just like yours want to discover the value in understanding how to communicate more effectively and recapture what is being lost through miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Although not a member of the law enforcement community, Mr. Middleton’s presentations have been received with great appreciation and highly touted as a must-see event.

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