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The Art of Visual Listening

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This book has been designated as “Required Reading” by numerous law enforcement agencies.

In this book, Rik D. Middleton uses the compelling stories and comments from his unique perspective to show business professionals the enduring value and importance of listening with understanding.

The author describes communication at its essence, by providing both practical and insightful lessons about what it means to be in the moment and listening with a new intensity. As a result, those who read this book will find themselves aspiring to new levels of communication visualization success.

The new edition of the book now has two new fascinating chapters. They include real life case studies conducted in years of Rik’s research. Mr. Middleton has had the opportunity to work with some really incredible companies as a consultant over the last year gaining some valuable insights. Many of these case studies relate to customer service and lie detection. Great for your call center staff or anyone else who talks to the public or clients on behalf of your organization. There are many new examples of how to recognize and use the techniques of The Art of Visual Listening.