About Rik

About Rik

Rik D. Middleton is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and author of the book “Don’t Look At Me In That Tone of VOICE! The Art of Visual Listening” long considered “The” essential guide to remote human communication for law enforcement.

We’ve all been on a telephone conversation and had a misunderstanding or felt that our point was not being heard or understood.  Ever wonder why someone is not open to hearing you or why you aren’t able to understand their point? That is Rik’s topic of expertise, Visual Listening.

His program was originally developed and written chiefly for law enforcement professionals, specifically Hostage/Crisis negotiators.  This group of professionals rarely has the opportunity to put eyes on the suspect. Visual Listening gives them an incredible advantage to help peacefully resolve tense dynamic situations.

As founder of ExecutivExpression, Inc., Rik has spent a career observing and researching what it takes to connect with, inspire, and motivate a change in human interaction — in other words, communicate more clearly.

In his two decades plus of experience at ExecutivExpression and numerous other professional and Consulting firms, Rik has served in leadership positions in several Fortune 500 business units, manufacturing plants, consulting roles, and sales teams working directly with global retailers including Coke, Behr Paint, and StarKist. He is also a highly rated leadership and communications trainer for management training.